Welcome to MindSailing. Here’s what we do:

We know our daily lives can be enjoyable, fulfilling and sustainable. It is hugely rewarding to feel that you are seeing clearly, making timely decisions and navigating cleanly through life’s possibilities, choices and options - mostly on an even keel - and in spite of life’s inevitable crosswinds.

However our work or personal life can sometimes drift, be weighed down or run aground on unresolved worries, dilemmas, stuck-thinking, fears, stresses, mindblocks and unwanted habits or mindsets.

MindSailing offers you professional and confidential coaching (personal or work-related) and hypnotherapy; to help in addressing, managing or resolving and moving beyond these anxieties, concerns, habits, and inclinations in order to relax, explore and realise your potential.

Clinical Hypnosis is also offered to help a variety of clinical conditions and symptoms (See Hypnosis Applications).

Appointments are held face to face in any of three offices (Chiswick, Camden or Liverpool Street) or other locations by agreement.

Please click on the Coaching and Hypnotherapy pages to see more information – or contact MindSailing to talk to Graeme about what we could do and achieve together.