Client Testimonials:

"Graeme is an excellent coach and has a very structured approach to how he runs his sessions. It has been fascinating to hear myself talk at these sessions, as I didn’t think about a number of things I was saying up until Graeme made me notice them. The meetings with Graeme have left me feeling very confident and given me the much-needed clarity I was seeking from the outset of our coaching session. Truly impactful with great results! Thank you Graeme for all the insights and helping me over the past few months"                       MP

"I really looked forward to my sessions with Graeme. They were so relaxing and resulted in a real shift in my thoughts feelings and attitudes. He always deflects credit to the client for progress and changes made but he has a wonderful way of engaging and enabling success. I would strongly recommend his approach to anyone else who just needs time out to explore and reset things in life."    LH

"Am happy to report, however, that my sleep is very much improved. I no longer agonize about time spent awake and the likelihood of being exhausted in the morning, or about life in general. Working with you was really a turning point for me.  Thank you!"     SH            

"Our monthly coaching sessions over the last year have been a significant step change for both me and my business. Apart from the coaching exploration which was groundbreaking - your insights into business planning and helping me identify and focus clearly on the game-changers were just that! I know I will reach out to you again once I’m into the next phase."      CR

"Thank you. A great resource. Being able also to arrange ad hoc Skype sessions at short notice often made the difference in sticky situations where I needed to re-group and get fresh perspective on my work. With your structured and explorative coaching style I often feel that the mist had been blown away and I could focus on the trees more clearly!"    CM 

"I find it incredible how our sessions simply "trigger" answers which I couldn't find myself. The visualisations are great, I remember them long after the sessions, they help to get a real sense of where I am or how I feel, I find them very beneficial. Very impactful! I often leave feeling like my world has turned upside down." AD                                                      

"Before we started the coaching, you mentioned that many people subsequently change jobs as a result. Never thought that would be me but delighted I did.  Also having developed such good understanding of my real motivations (and pitfalls to avoid) enabled my transition “out” to be comfortable and at a time of my choosing. Loving the new career. Thank you."  RG

"Money very well spent and wish I had gone through with this last year. You can’t beat looking at things head on and doing something real about it. Challenging but insightful coaching with real results. Thank you."        DS

"Graeme’s approach is a fantastic combination of Coaching, Mentoring and Hypnosis. It all feels very relaxed and exploratory. I needed to address some long-overdue issues in both my personal and professional life and wish I’d got in touch years ago! Very impactful – and even felt enjoyable as the way forward developes very naturally - without pressure or judgement. It just makes sense."    EH

"Working with Graeme was a hugely valuable experience for me. Needing to improve my confidence, Graeme used various tools and techniques including visualization to help me achieve this goal. I feel on a much better path - many thanks Graeme!"  DS

"The time I spent working with Graeme enabled me to not only stay in my job and begin to cope with the pressure and demands of a career that had stalled but also to thrive and take control in a way I never would have thought possible. Life can be stressful – but I’ve made much needed changes and am so much happier and able to cope. I feel more in charge."  DR              

"I was blown away with the confidence I gained through having these sessions. Not to mention the enjoyment of having time to PROPERLY relax.  My fear of cycling down Alpine mountains is far behind me. What used to be an awkward descent of cramped hands clutching my brakes for fear of falling off has now become a smooth exhilarating ride. Not at all what I expected…Thank you…..”  Joanne H 

“I am self-employed, and often experience dramatic swings in workload.  Feast or famine…but this last time I was unable to enjoy the feast. I was feeling very anxious and uncertain about my abilty and obligations.  I could not switch off or relax and wasn't enjoying life.  A friend recommended hypnotherapy.  Honestly, I wasn't sure about it, but I needed to make a change. I was quite pleasantly surprised!  After my first session I was able to quiet my mind and gain a better balance and sense of peace and well-being.   I had two more sessions, and I am now better able to calm myself when I am busy. Graeme is very professional and is passionate about helping his clients.  I trust him and have recommended him to my friends and colleagues.”  Jacqueline J

"I did it!  After trying countless times on my own to stop smoking (patches, gum, books, even acupuncture) I had one session with Graeme and am enjoying my life free of the fags – feeling great and enjoying the money I used to spend on cigarettes (20-30 a day).  It was just so easy, strangely natural and now I feel so positive and more relaxed about myself.  Wish I’d done it years ago."  Mark  B

“Really enjoyed this experience.  Graeme used hypnosis and (I think) just talking to enable me to give up smoking and to manage stress.  It feels now so much like a new lease of life.  He’s very reassuring and explains everything in such a comforting way.  I was a bit cynical before but now I’d recommend this to anyone who even just wants to relax.  Wow.  Thank You.”  Sarah D

“My friends were just telling me what they thought I wanted to hear – or what they thought.  Neither was really helpful and I think I was in a bit of a rut unable to make some long overdue career and life decisions.  Graeme coached me in exploring what was really happening and what was really going on for me and what I could do going forward.  I still have no idea what HE thought – but he certainly enabled me to realise and admit so many things to myself that I was hiding from.  Very enlightening and empowering conversations.  Unbelievably (for me!) we also did hypnosis for relaxation and I’d say to anyone who is anxious or stressed – you must try this.  Thanks a million.”  Nathalie P                                                                                      

“I met Graeme through his coaching practice and was initially cautious about the use of hypnosis as I hate the idea and sense of not being in control. Graeme was able to explain the whole approach and I can confidently say it was one of the most relaxing, enjoyable experiences of the last few years. It was helpful to me in making progress on a key issue and felt very safe. I would highly recommend Graeme as a coach and hypnotist.”  Fiona E

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