Hypnosis – Applications:

• Relaxation
• Stress Management
• Anxiety and Panic Management 
• Self Esteem, Confidence, Assertiveness 
• Fears, Phobias (eg Dentists, Flying, Exams, Public Speaking, Spiders) 
• Panic Attacks 
• Smoking Cessation 
• Habit Breaking 
• Weight Control (Licensed "Hypno-Band" Practitioner) 
• Anger Management 
• Relationship and Related Emotional Issues
• Past Relationships or Bereavement (Moving On, Letting Go) 
• Sleep Disorders (eg Insomnia, Bruxism) 
• Pain Management
• Skin Conditions (eg Blushing, Inflamatory) 
• Gastro-Intestinal Disorders and IBS 
• Coping with Illness (Distress, Treatment, Side Effects, Pre-op Anxiety, Post-op Recovery) 
• Fertility and IVF Assistance  
• Depression  
• Regression

Hypnotherapy is an effective tool in helping you make changes in your life – but it is also important to understand that it is not a “magic spell”. It requires that the client be consciously motivated and committed to change - and also prepared to make the effort to make that change a reality.

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