What is Hypnosis? (and why we do it)

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring and perfectly safe altered state of consciousness that people dip in and out of all the time. In hypnotherapy this hypnotic state is induced, deepened and managed in order to help make beneficial, desirable and acceptable changes in the way that you experience, think or feel about issues in your mind and life.

Hypnosis is a very pleasant and refreshing experience, which can also be used simply for relaxation, self-exploration and creative visualization.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a planned and personalised program of hypnosis treatment which can help you overcome physical, mental or emotional difficulties in your life. It serves to open your mind to show you how to make changes and then reinforce the experience within yourself for your own positive benefit. The process is very gentle and easy and you will never be pushed in any direction you do not want to go. Hypnotherapy is also beneficial for opening up your creativity and finding new ways of learning, thinking and experiencing your life.

Why would you come for Hypnotherapy?

People sometimes seek help with specific issues such as giving up smoking, losing weight, and managing phobias or removing unwanted habits. Others want to address and change broader emotional features and mindsets within themselves – often related to stress, anxiety and performance. Click the Hypnosis Applications section to see a more detailed list.

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