Hypno-Chemo offers cancer patients comprehensive hypnotherapy designed to complement the established treatment being received from doctors and other interventions being undertaken.

The Hypno-Chemo approach is tailored to each patient's needs and circumstances and focuses on reduction of stress fear anxiety and discomfort - and in developing a positive mindset and awareness to enhance the immune system and its effectiveness in recovery and wellbeing.

Hypno-Chemo Hypnotherapy assists in lessening the psychological and emotional burden every step of the way during the client’s recovery or to manage other outcomes and individual objectives.  

We offer the client a multi-faceted hypnotherapy approach to aid comfort, recovery or acceptance during illness and in finding the strength courage and optimism to apply to their condition before, during and after medical treatment.

This is achieved through discussion, hypnotic relaxation and visualisation.

Hypno-Chemo is NOT an alternative to established medical treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery or radiotherapy but is designed to support clients who may need to undergo such interventions. 

Positive Mindset

Just as a negative mindset focuses on the worst of experiences or outcomes, a positive mindset allows us to focus on positive outcomes, positive experiences. and empowers us to reach our goals. A positive mindset will improve pain relief, allow optimism and build inner strength resilience and acceptance. The Hypno-Chemo programme is about building positivity.

Immune System

Your immune system is a vital part of your fight with Cancer. Stress reduces the effectiveness of this system. Just consider how we get the most colds, flus and sore throats when we are run down or stressed! Understanding and getting your immune system functioning to the best of its ability is a vital part of this process.

Modern Medicine

Modern medicine is the best it’s ever been. Advances in modern screening, diagnosis and various available treatment are a major part of managing disease. Further improving your awareness, focus and mindset with a positive and conscious mental strategy have been shown to improve the process.


The approach has a structured offering which can be selected and freely tailored according to each client’s circumstances and needs:

The Vent:  Dealing with the emotional distress following your diagnosis and its likely implications.

Moving Forward:  Planning for and understanding your objectives with a positive mindset and making appropriate changes.

During Medical Treatment:  Preparing for medical treatment, building a positive mindset, managing anxiety and helping relieve psychological symptoms of perceived pain or discomfort during the treatment.

Reinforcement and Surveillance:  Continue to reinforce and maintain recovery, remissions or face setbacks. Drawing on learnings and changes made.

Death and Acceptance:  It comes to us all at some point. Clear paths, resolve and assess, review achievements, and reflect.

Hypno-Chemo is a well thought out and psychologically sound complementary therapy aimed at positively assisting cancer sufferers and their carers. The approach uses discussion hypnotic relaxation and appropriate visualisations.

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