Is insomnia damaging your quality of life? We are here to help!

We work with clients on a 1 to 1 basis and develop an individual and bespoke programme tailored to address your personal circumstances and underlying causes.

We focus on re-establishing healthy valuable sleep habits for you and use a variety of techniques including deep relaxation and guided visualisation.


● Understand and address what’s getting in the way of sleep

● Achieve natural and healthy sleep patterns

● Learn deep relaxation techniques

● Drug free soloution

● Conquer your insomnia

● Safe, natural, established programme

● Lasting results

Contact us now for a free, no obligation chat about how our tailored insomnia programme can help you achieve normal healthy sleep patterns and transform your quality of life.

Recent Testimonials

"I would definitely recommend this! Had been suffering with Insomnia fairly consistently for more than 10 years and tried numerous remedies. I’m now sleeping so much better, it just feels normal, and life’s so much better for it. Graeme’s programme is really practical, easy and pleasant. Wish I’d done this years ago." AP, London

"Working with Graeme was a real life-changer. I knew I needed to address and fix some things in my life (insomnia was top of the list) – but this approach helped with much more which really made sense. I was dependent on sleeping pills which didn’t feel good and was struggling to cope or know what to do. My sleepless nights (and a lot of related stuff) seem like just a memory. I’ve also learned a lot and made some long overdue changes. The impact has been huge. Many thanks.JF, London