What is Coaching? (and why we do it)

Coaching can be viewed as a “facilitated thought partnership” designed to unlock your full potential. During the interactions your concerns, thoughts and options may be fully explored, while the coaching presence offers a framework of active listening, creating awareness, asking powerful questions with a view to exploring perceptions, designing actions, planning and goal setting.

Why would you come for Coaching?

People come to coaching for various reasons. You may need something to be different or looking for a life or career change. Often you have important goals to achieve: start a business, develop a healthier lifestyle, be more creative, achieve more balance and order in your life or simply become more effective and satisfied at work.

Some people hire a coach because they sense they want more from their lives – peace of mind, calmness, control or a better quality of life. Sometimes they want less: stress, confusion or pressure. Occasionally they just want more fulfilment or to review and change their process for succeeding in and enjoying their lives.

Whatever the reason – the agenda comes from you the client and the process is based on a focused co-active collaborative relationship between you and the coach.

Successful coaching leads you to exploration, awareness, choice, change and success.

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